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Wednesday, May 30, 2007


BY: Stephane Dion

This week we have a spotlight on Fortte's Zune cases. The company has been around for awhile and besides offering cases for the Zune, they have cases for all sorts of PDA and MP3 players.
A few weeks ago, I received two Zune cases from the manufacturer. They sent me a black "Open Face" case and an orange "Carrier" case. Before publishing or writing the review, I used them in my everyday life to have a better understanding of what these products have to offer.
I was impressed with the quality of the product but also about the very unique design of Fortte's cases make this company a top class Zune case manufacturer.
Product Quality: 9.0 Ease of Use: 9.0 Player Protectiveness: 8.5
Manufacturer: FortteModel: Open face, CarrierPrice: $29.99 - $64.99

Category: Cases Made for: Zune 30Gb, First Generation
Very functional cases. Good pricing. Excellent overall quality. Adds real protection to the Zune.
The "Open Case" model is a bit too tight for the Zune.

Product Description
This elegant and functional leather case is specially designed to custom fit your Zune to protect it from dents and dings of every day life. Made of the finest selection of high-altitude leather, this elegant case is produced by Fortte's certified ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS 18001:1999, ISO 14001:2004 Facility. They also offer the ability to personalize your Zune by embossing your company name, company logo, your name or your initials for a small additional fee.

Product Quality
Fortte's cases are top of the line products. From the packaging to the small details, the product won't disappoint you. Fortte's designers are really taking the time to find new ways of doing things, and it shows. The case is made of very good quality leather, even for the basic models we received. They offer other types of leather for an extra $10 to $20 charge. Those top quality leathers will bring you very close to what we are used to seeing with Vaja cases.
The stitching is also very well done, even though we noticed a few places where it could have been better.

Ease of Use
Zune cases equipped with belt clips and loops are for the most part very difficult to use, when they are attached to your belt. But Fortte's cases bring the solution to this problem. If you have to pause or change the music often when the Zune is attached to your belt, you might seriously consider the Zune "Carrier" model (orange case seen on the picture). When attached to your belt, the Zune is upside down. This way you can easily look at the Zune screen and use the control buttons to make the changes you want. Very clever!
The belt clip included with the "Open Face" case is excellent and clipping and unclipping the Zune was done without hesitation. The small leather loops stitched to the cases are also very useful to hold the earphone cable.
The only small problem I had was the "Open Face" case. Inserting and removing the Zune player from it was somewhat of a challenge. I'm sure the leather will expand after a while and the problem would disappear at the same time.

Player Protectiveness
When I first looked at Fortte's cases, I thought that it would not offer the Zune a good protection. But after taking a closer look, I realized that it does offer an excellent protection to your precious toy. They are just doing it with a different approach than we are used to see.
The cases don't have screen protectors but Fortte's designer inserted, under the leather, a rigid material around the screen that makes the case thicker in that area. That simple detail in the design makes the Zune screen more difficult to reach. Consequently more difficult to smash or scratch. The back of the case is the back bone of the product. It's made with a rigid material underneath the leather.
The back is also slightly oversized and this helps to protect the corners of the Zune.

Fortte's cases for the Zune are clearly quality products. Their corporate tag line, "Stylish Functional Cases", very well represent what the company has to offer. The multiple color combinations and personalization options will give your Zune the style you want. But the case designs in themselves have a very strong personality. Details such as the little loop to hold the earphone cable or the belt loop are excellent examples of that.
Even though Fortte's cases for the Zune don't have the "Designed for Zune" approval, the cases are an excellent choice if you want something different and of good quality. I strongly recommend their cases.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fortte: Extraordinary Cases at Ordinary Prices by PJ Arts

Fortte: Extraordinary Cases at Ordinary Prices
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PDA/Treo cases are an addiction, affliction and obsession of mine; and, I have found only a few that really deliver what I want. What's worse, when I upgrade my device, the cases don't fit anymore; soooo...I have to start all over again. Arrrrghhh!!!
Although premium manufacturers like Vaja and Piel Frama continue to produce cases of surpassing quality and design, they charge a surpassing premium…averaging out in the $80 - $120 (USD) range, with some going much higher (sterling silver and Swarovski Crystals are a bit much for my needs…but, hey! someone needs to look afte Paris Hilton). The bulk of all other leather cases tend to run in the $25 - $40 (UDS) range, and despite product names like “deluxe,” “premium” and “luxury,” these cases are as generic and base as can be. Over the last 6 months there have been 3 cases that I declined to review at all, because the defects in fit/finish/QA were so severe that it would have been 100% negative. The companies distributing these cases all have well-earned reputations for quality merchandise, and I won’t whack them for the faults of their outsourcing partners (take that, NAFTA!).
That’s why I was intrigued to come across Fortte Cases™ of Miami, Florida. This is a company that puts its credentials and philosophy right in your face:
· “No need to be a millionaire to be unique”· “Once Again Protecting Your PDA With Style”· ISO Certified Manufacturing Processes
Those three bullets sum up what the company delivers: brilliantly stylish cases for PDAs and Smartphones that provide solid protection; and, are manufactured to the most exacting standards while offering terrific bang-for-the-buck.
When I contacted the good folks at Fortte, they were enthusiastic about having their products reviewed for Palm Addict’s readers; and, gave me my choice of cases for the introduction to our community. For the occasion, I chose 2 cases designed for the Treo 700 series (p, w, wx):· The “Ruggedized” Leather Case ($48.99 USD)· The Open Face Leather Case ($32.99 USD)
Although the photos on their website looked swell, I was prepared for the same disappointment I had felt with so many recent deliveries. Not this time!The cases embody intelligent design, superior materials, exacting fit & finish and a unique sense of style.
The “Ruggedized” Leather Case:
For those whose devices are exposed to greater potential wear and tear then normal, there have been three traditional case options…· Metal Cases. These run the gamut from lightweight aluminum (they bend over time and the cover interferes with using a Treo’s keyboard) to magnesium (brilliant, but bulky…and, they look like they were designed by Batman’s armor mfg.)
· Reinforced leather cases that are bulky, and leave the sides and bottom of the device exposed
· ‘Ruggedized’ cases, that protect the device from all elements, but double the bulk and are ugly as sin
Fortte has produced a beautiful leather case that offers 360° protection for your Treo, without sacrificing efficiency or good looks. The protection comes from the inspired design; which is a case-within-a-case. The Treo resides in a glove-fitting inner case, which is soft and supple, while offering reinforced protection around the Treo’s screen. Attached to the back, is a double-thick reinforced leather shield that is hinged halfway up. That hinge allows the thin inner case to plug into whatever charge/sync cradle you use, without removing the Treo. It also features a well-recessed SD card slot. When the case is open, there is 100% access to all connectors, jacks, slots and switchesThe front cover folds down from the top of the case, and when closed, completely encloses the Treo: top, bottom and both sides. The front is reinforced with soft, padded leather, featuring a neat Fortte shield insignia. The inside of the front cover also has a recessed SD card slotWhen closed, the case still leaves openings for the camera lens and for the back (ringer) speaker; and, the magnetic snap is easily undone to quickly answer incoming calls, without sacrificing its ability to keep the cover secured through the bumpiest activity.
The Open Face Leather Case:
This is essentially the inner-case of the “Ruggedized” model, as a stand-alone version. Featuring the same double-thick rigid leather back, the case offers a lot of protection for an open-face model. The top, front and sides are of heavier gauge leather, while the bottom is a thinner, supple leather that molds itself to the shape of the Treo’s bottom. Unlike almost every other case I have tested with this type of bottom design, the Fortte case’s measurements are so precise, that there is no ‘pucker’ or uneven angle (that usually covers up an important opening on the Treo).The case allows 100% access to everything on the Treo, except the SD card slot. That is easily remedied by simply undoing the magnetic clasp at the top. The edges around the screen are reinforced and rigid, offering increased protection, while opening for the speakers, LED, camera, etc. are both reinforced and perfectly lined up with the Treo
NICE TOUCHES: Attention to thoughtful detail abounds on both cases. The insides of the cases are soft and smooth, and feature parachute-grade nylon reinforcement at key stress-points. The side opening for the volume and side-button is covered with soft, clear vinyl and the metal nub for the belt-clip is of smooth metal (so, it won’t rub down the clasps on the plastic belt clip).The leather is of a particularly fine grade: both strong and soft; while the stitching around the entire case is extra strong, and recessed to provide a smooth, refined impression. In addition, Fortte offers a wealth of rich, optional colors and leathers to customize your case to your exact preference.
CONS: Although I would have loved to see a flip-up clear plastic (or fixed clear vinyl) screen shield on the open-face case, that is simply a personal bugaboo, and does not reflect on the case in any way. In this price-point ($30 - $50 USD), there is simply nothing to criticize.
BOTTOM LINE: To date, I have found nothing that can compare to the complete quality and style of the Fortte cases, without moving up to the $100 (USD) cases of Vaja and Piel Frama. They are head and shoulders above anything else in their price class, and offer a truly premium home for your valued devices.
Fortte Cases™ are available for almost every major PDA, Smartphone and MP3 Player. If you combine a practical budget with a taste for luxury, then this is your lucky day. Head over to Fortte Cases™, and look at their terrific wares.As always, click on the images for the full-size version
Nov 19, 2006 in PJ Arts - Deputy Editor, New Providence, US

Friday, March 23, 2007

Review: Fortte Leather Zune cases

Review: Fortte Leather Zune cases
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Written by Kostas Tzounopoulos
Wednesday, 28 February 2007
Fortte sent Zune-Online two of the three leather cases they have released for Zune. The "Carrier" in red and the "Open Face" in black. These are two worth notice cases, functional and high quality.The customer can select among many colors leather of different quality, belt clips and "metallic emblems"...

Fortte Carrier Case
Zune in inserted from below in the Carrier Case. When inside the user has full access to the sync cable and earphones plugs, as well as to the "hold" switch. The screen remains uncovered just like the 5-directions pad but the 2 buttons right and left of it are not. This isn't reducing its functionality, the buttons can be pressed just fine, because of the "signs" at their location on the case and the thinner leather covering them. The case doesn't have a closing clip, it remains always "open" (at the bottom of Zune) but its not easy to drop it while carrying it. The reason is it has a belt loop instead of a belt clip and Zune is carried upside down.

As you can see in the photo I have inserted the end of the belt through this loop. The correct is to pass the belt through the loop while wearing it and not its end. This reduces the case's functionality (you have to remove your belt if you want to unsuspend the case!) but its very difficult to drop your Zune, even if running or jumping!

Finally it has a leather "clip" at the right side which opens. It is enough firm to suspend the case from it but of course less safe.

Fortte Open Face Case
The other Fortte case sent for review is the "Open Face". It has minor differences from the "Carrier", the same quality and has good access to plugs, screen and control buttons. Their main difference is the classic belt clip used here and the "closing clip" for securing Zune in the case.

Fortte offers the choice of customisation to its customers:
There are many available leather colors.
Dual colored leathers for both cases
3 different leather qualities
Personalization by writing a word or placing an image/logo
3 available Fortte-logo "metal Shields" for the back of it.
The overall impression is very good for both cases. You can fearlessly customise and buy the one that fits you best.
Their price starts at $29.99 USD and can go up to $74.99 (when the most expensive options are used)


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Cases by Fortte for Zune


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cases for Zune

New cases are being developed for the Zune player.
Will be introduced Nov. 20 2006 by

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Release of Premium Cases for ZUNE announces the creation of our new site for the ZUNE users
Zune Leather Cases
Zune Leather Case
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